The Master Plan

What’s The Plan?

This is our plan South and Central America by country (see ‘Where we have been’ for travels before South America). The biggest variables for us are visas and airfare, so depending on the price of plane tickets and availability of visas, we plan to get around to these places. We hope to meet you along the way! Let us know if you want to join us in any of these countries and maybe we can make it work.

           Place               Dates        How long?
 Brazil  Feb 9 – Mar 10, 2013  1 month
 Argentina  Mar 10 – Apr 12, 2013  1 month
 Boliva  Apr 12 – May 02, 2013  1 month
 Peru  May 02 – May 31, 2013  3 weeks
 Ecuador  May 31 – Jun 27, 2013  4 weeks
 Colombia  Jun 27 – Aug 15, 2013  2 weeks
 Cuba  Aug 15 – Aug 31, 2013  2 weeks
 Mexico  Aug 31 – Sep 25, 2013  3 weeks

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