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7 thoughts on “Where We’ve Been

  1. Hi there!

    Fellow Indian backpacker here with the dream same as yours- travel around the world for cheap! 🙂
    I have been to only US(as a Summer Intern though) and Japan till now.
    I have 2 questions to ask you.
    – Planning to do travel as a full-time, but I’m more worried about visa issues coz once I leave my job, how can I prove them about my financial income?

    – Will having some money in the bank account be sufficient enough or is there any need for work related documents too?

    1. Hi Niranjan,
      Ajit normally used a bank statement when applying for visas and a letter explaining that we are travelling around the world. He never got the visa rejected because of paparwork/absence of job. The one thing that was different in our case was that we had a US green card. I don’t know if this changed the perception of the embassy officials, but I wanted to mention it, just in case.
      Best of luck in your trip! Feel free to ask us anything you want!

  2. Hey Ajit & Mariya,

    First of all.. JUST WOW.. JUST WOW !! Nice to read about your travels. We got to know about you guys from Saket and Dipti. We have an apartment in the same building in Pune, but we hold Permanent Residency of Canada and are based out of Toronto.

    We are midway in our own RTW on Indian passport. We departed from Toronto and did most of Schengen, Morocco and East Africa. Now in India and waiting for few visas. We would be heading to S.E.Asia, NZ, Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia and finally Toronto.

    We love to interact with fellow travelers and especially those who have done it on Indian passport. Can you share any email etc where we can get in touch with you guys further as we have some visa specific issues etc.

  3. Thanks for the swift reply 🙂
    Now I get it. Having a US green card surely makes a huge difference even for Indians!
    Too bad it will take me many years to try that route 😦
    If Ajay has any ideas for me who is solely an Indian citizen and do not possess any kind of privilege in other countries, I’d be grateful to hear it!!
    Because the only thing that is stopping me to quit my job and travel full-time is the Visa issue. I think most of the countries will reject my Visa if I just have funds in my Bank account and no regular work.

    Note: I don’t know if this info may help in providing an answer to my question but, I have JLPT N2 certification(Advanced level) in Japanese language and also will be getting TEFL(Teaching english as Foreign language) certificate in one or two months.

  4. Hi Niranjan,
    I don’t think you should be discouraged from trying. I don’t believe that the green card is the sole reason Ajit could get visas. Why don’t you start by getting visas for a few countries not too far from India and see how it goes? In addition, as far as I know Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand give visas on arrival for Indians (please double-check that this is still the case, because our information is a bit old).
    There is a blog of fellow-travelers that I really enjoy and the guy is Indian. He blogs a lot about getting visas. Check it out: http://bkpk.me/
    Good luck! Remember to think out of the box – it’s definitely possible!

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