About Us

We are Ajit and Mariya, a married couple in our late twenties, early thirties. Ajit is from India. Mariya is from Bulgaria. Currently, we live in Boston, or did until we departed on our round-the-world 15-month adventure. We are a mixed couple in every sense – language, background, race, religion, origin, you name it. We enjoy our differences and love to meet new people different from us. Ajit is a dedicated pro badminton player turned software sales executive. Mariya is still searching for her true calling, but worked in finance until now and is dreaming about saving the world (just not sure how to yet).

About This Trip

 We decided to take a break from the rat race and go on an extended backpacking trip before we “settle down”. Life in the US does not allow for long vacations, so this created the need for quitting our jobs and breaking with the daily grind. Our trip is starting in India with Ajit’s brother’s wedding and will continue on to about 45-50 countries, if we stick to the loose plan that we crafted. We will keep you posted on that progress.

Our Travel Approach

We easily get bored, so our plan is to travel relatively fast and visit as many places as we can fit in our budget. Mariya insists on experiencing slowdowns at some points, especially when she gets tired and grouchy, so let’s see how this will work. Ajit plans to play badminton on any occasion he gets and is carrying his badminton shoes in his backpack, so that he is always ready to grab a racquet. Otherwise, we are budget travelers, meaning staying in hostels or with local families through SERVAS, eating street food when stomachs allow it and choosing lower cost adventures on the way. We also actively try to meet other travelers and local people to enrich our lives and perspectives.


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